Profanity Policy

So have been pondering a bit about swearing recently. Partly because I swear a lot (as I discussed on twitter this am sometimes only a hearty “BOLLOCKS” will do! And its true (though I do need to modulate it a bit now munchkin is learning to speak!).  On this blog I swear- because its a release valve and a form of expressing myself.  Yes it may not be big or clever but in my opinion a “fucking agony” phrase conveys the feeling of the situation rather than “it really rather hurt alot” or such like. Sorry even “agony” alone doesn’t cut it. You have to have the swearword in there, so you can get even the vaguest hint of a sense of how it was for me at that time. Plus I also like to swear at the generic smug irritating judgypants mums who really annoy me- I like to think I’m mostly a nice person- wouldn’t really swear directly at any of them or be ever mean to anyone individually as that’s not my style – but as a cohort- fuck the fuck off to fuckery and back again 😀 (I nicked that from mumsnet I think- as phrases go I like it! Snigger!)

When I initially wrote my birth story for a birth trauma blog they amused me by cutting out all my swearing but me saying “fuck that, I want an epidural” to the nurse offering me the birthing centre is actually what I genuinely said – I didn’t “tell the nurse in no uncertain terms I wanted an epidural”- I was swearing and screaming my head off! I don’t blame them for this – they have to think of the rest of their readers etc.

Anyhow so yeah this is my profanity policy- I swear because it expresses how I feel on alot of things.  Because you know what? A lot of things that happened to me were shitty and I’m sorry that I can’t think of a better word to describe them than that but I can’t. I do try not to gratuitously swear- there is always genuine strength of feeling and emotion behind any swearword I use and my blog isn’t totally littered with swearwords but there maybe are a few more than my mum would approve of.  But you know what if you don’t approve of it you don’t have to read it.

It’s my blog and I’ll do what I want too. :p



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