I’m Me I’m 30.  I have a 20month old daughter- Munchkin the mentalist, and I am pregnant with my second child (Womble) due in early January 2012.  This blog was started when I was 18weeks pregnant with Womble in an effort to continue to process the after effects of Munchkin’s birth that are still with me today.  I was recently diagnosed with PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) so I thought this blog might help me process that and mark my progress as I go through CBT for this, and maybe help other ladies going through similar.


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  1. teadevotee says:

    I have just been reading your story in tears. Though no two people have exactly the same experience yours is so horribly familiar in terms of the horrendous experience – especially the aftercare. You have reminded me that I absolutely must write my complaint letter to the hospital. Thank you for being so brave to share. Hope things continue to get better.

    • Oh crumbs. Isn’t my intention to make anyone else cry! *passes extra soft kleenex and big bar of chocolate*. Please please do write the letter to the hospital! Mine actually took me several months to write but it was so cathartic. (took months to get a reply too and had to chase several times via PALS but that was worth it too as in the end the hospital admitted they failed me in many ways and that made me feel better. Knowing they were going to try and not let another woman have the same experience at least).
      Good luck

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