Walking past a labour ward with a smile

So since Munchkin was born I still twitch when I hear the name of her London hospital she was born in. I would really struggle to go back there (and did when we had to take her for check ups etc or if we visit London and drive past it visiting friends who live nearby.) I suspect that is something that will always be with me.

We live near the hospital Omble and Squirrel were born in and after Omble I never really thought about it as I walked past, it definitely didn’t affect me in any way negatively and was quite nice to think about the place Omble was born. Yesterday though something had changed, I was walking Munchkin to her swimming lesson (at the hospital hydrotherapy pool) and we walked very near the room I gave birth to Squirrel in and I was able to point it out to her sister and I had such a warm glow of happy wonderful memories of being in that room, giving birth and chilling out all morning with my gorgeous newborn. It was so lovely to have had a hospital experience that genuinely will put a smile on my face every time we walk past it.

Just ace!


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Likes ladybirds & lemon curd. On reflection combining the two names was a mistake.
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