erm so I am excited about giving birth!?

Just come back from a hospital appointment with the wonderful supervisor of midwives. Me & t’uzband attended to go through my birth plan and get a refresher tour of the delivery suite. It was amazing how effective it was to just  to run through everything from pressing the buzzer at the front door, to entering the delivery suite to seeing the rooms available.  Since I had omble there they have redone all the rooms and hidden all the medical equipment behind wooden pannelling. It is phenomenal what a difference this has made to the feel of the rooms. They feel so much less medical and calmer.  A bit like a hotel environment (admitedly I did put my foot in it by saying “Oooh it’s like a travelodge!” but I did mean oooh its like a nice hotel and I think I meant more nice chain hotel – but for the girl who grew up staying in youth hostels- travel lodges feel luxurious to me!)

The birthing pool rooms are really lovely. especially one with the pool right in the room (although the hot pink walls aren’t as calming as the pale green walled room!) so I am really optimistic that I might be able to get my planned water birth but I’m also feeling calm about other possibilities, just gonna go with the flow.

It all feels so positive and everyone is being so kind and supporting me I really feel great and excited about meeting baby #3. I am so very lucky to be able to access this level of support in hopefully having another positive birth experience.

Bloody brilliant! Bring on the next 5.5 weeks!


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