Crowdsourcing facets of my safe space visualisation- A seascape taste and smell?

So I am working on a new safe space visualisation after deciding I want the meadow imagery from Womble’s birth to remain hers.

So my new visualisation is:

On the beach:

The weather is warm and sunny and I am sat in a comfy sand dune looking out across the pebbly shore over the sea. The waves are breaking over the pebbles making lovely noises as they push forward and then pull back into the sea. There is no-one else around and no boats in the water. The breeze is gentle on my skin as I am sheltered but it is fairly windy and smells fresh of the sea.  (I can’t hear any seagulls!) I am warm and comfortable sat here looking at the sea and it makes me feel very relaxed just watching the waves come in and out of the shoreline.

I have a soundscape on my ipod that works (need to double check no seagulls!) and I am going to create a collage of suitable images to focus on.  I will probably find a good beach pebble or piece of driftwood to focus on and touch).  But two aspects of fleshing out my visualisation I am struggling with are the taste and smell aspects.

Obviously icecream is something I probably can’t have in my birthbag but I am pondering a really nice salted caramel or salty fudge?  Any reccomendations? Or something that tastes reminiscent of the sea that won’t make me vom (salt water and fish fingers have been ruled out 😉

Also smell- I want a really good sea smell but know so many are synthetic yuk and don’t work at all so pondering if anyone has come across any good smells that remind them of the sea/ being outside on the coast?



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Likes ladybirds & lemon curd. On reflection combining the two names was a mistake.
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