A Birth Story in Tweets

Below are all the general tweets I sent whilst in labour on the 9th Jan! Bizarrely I recommend twittering as a distraction from early labour pain! It really helped focused my mind on something else- plus it was lovely to receive some brilliant supportive messages and tweets whilst going through it! Also fab to have a real time memento of the birth. #babycurd was a hashtag we came up with as it links into my locked twitter account name. I will post a full birth story when I get chance but now I need to breastfeed!

Tweeting timeline

10:14 PM (8th January)-Time to sleep. No Womble is imminent signs at all today. think it could be weeks yet 😦 (well 2.5wks til they send the cavalry in for her!)

9th January 2012

1:36 AM-Awake as things are ouchy but not ouchy enough to be anything exciting. Sigh. Full moon today therefore today is day according to TWITTER USER X

1:54 AM-Waters just gone. Painstarting. #womblewatch is a go! Fuck! #babycurd is coming!

2:02 AM Off to hospital if can get someone to look after Munchkin. TWITTER USER Y appears to be asleep and don’t like to ring house phone!

2:17 AM Yay TWITTER USER Y is coming to rescue. Contractions every few minutes. But not lasting long and not screaming yet. 🙂 #babycurd

2:22 AM Bit excited now. The labour ward co-ordinator who I met with head of delivery suite is on duty. She is ace so that’s good. 🙂

2:24 AM I can wear slippers round to hospital right? Hope everything is in my bag! contractions getting ouchier. #babycurd

2:26 AM Bouncing on my birthing ball til TWITTER USER Y gets here. Breathing and visualisations working so far. H is sorting carseat etc. #babycurd

2:27 AM May not be able to tweet from hospital but it’s defo helping me now. Shame the majority of you are asleep!

2:33 AM Having to grab onto H a bit during contractions. Getting a bit vocal! Need to get to hospital for my early epidural! #babycurd

2:37 AM The wonderful wonderful TWITTER USER Y has arrived! Showing her what’s what then off to hospital! Hope Munchkin not too confused when she wakesup

2:46 AM Bollocks forgot to eat summat before leaving for hospital. Same rookie mistake as last time! Am hungry.

2:49 AM At the hospital. H parking. I’m in pain gonna stop tweeting soon til epidural in at least #babycurd

2:50 AM Singing “my toes not in pain, my toes not in pain, my toes not in pain” actually really helps with the pain! Haha #babycurd

3:01 AM Waiting to be seen by midwives. Nice and calm on labour ward. I can do this RAWR.

3:16 AM Ouchy forgot how not fun contractions were! Every few mins and OUCHY. Waiting for checks then epidural

3:32 AM 4cm dilated. Waiting for anaesthetist to get out of theatre. Stress balls helping. Music on. Midwife lovely. Despite pain am ok.#babycurd

4:11 AM Sigh epidural in but not properly anaesthetist called to crash section. Waiting for someone else. Not fun 😦 but obvs other lady priority

5:34 AM She’s here!!!!!!!! All well, no epidural !!! Dad (H tweeted this for me. She had been delivered 14mins before!)

6:00 AM Fuck me I did it on gas&air!? Womble is here. Epidural didn’t happen. We DID IT!!!!!! #babycurd #womblewatch

6:26 AM Having best cuddle with Omble as she is now known. Struggling to latch but we’ll work it out. Still on G&A for afterpains!

6:41 AM Mmm tea and toast! Omble having first feed and just weed on me. #thatsmagirl

Tweet from H: 6:37 AM New arrival; express delivery. [photo removed]

6:44 AM Can I just add- no stitches! Tiny tear but all fine. Not had her weighed yet. Gobsmacked I did it!

6:46 AM Midwife said first time in 20years had happened that was so busy I couldnt get my epidural. Typical! Though didn’t really need it so much

6:47 AM Gas and air -marvellous stuff! I had a baby with no more than G&A!? Blardy hell! #babycurd

7:03 AM Baby Curd is 7lb 13oz and 56cm long! So so proud. Might cry!

7:39 AM H going to check on Munchkin. I’m bathed and dressed. Omble is having a nice snooze. So so so different to last time!

8:06 AM My thoughtful new baby girl!  [photo removed]

8:12 AM Me & Omble moving up to ward. Might be home tonight! #babycurd

8:46 AM On the ward now. Tired but exhilarated. Omble still asleep. Not really had proper feed yet. Hoping to go home tonight! #babycurd

9:12 AM H just informed me he was playing bejewelled in between timing contractions! They were every minute. The bugger! Haha

10:29 AM Struggling to get Omble latched on but given her expressed colostrum – she’s sleepy. Waiting for lactation consultant.

10:31 AM Amused that just my luck meant my very nearly finished epidural had to be ended for crash section but in end ’twas fine without!

10.32 AM At no point in Omble’s delivery did I want to (or think I was going to) die. Just off my tits on gas &air. 🙂

10:33 AM Head of delivery suite just been into see us. She is so chuffed! Am going to be writing to chief exec about her awesomeness!

10:35 AM Omble is awake! 5hours old #babycurd  


11:13 AM Skin to Skin with Omble Curd  [photo removed]

11:32 AM The tweet I sent just before my waters went!: Time to sleep. No Womble is imminent signs at all today think it could be weeks yet

1:04 PM Time for both Omble &I to snooze although I am completely BUZZING so may struggle.

1:35 PM remembering more comedic aspects of labour- Needing loo MW worrying It was baby&me shouting “not having a porcelain water birth!” @Twitteruser

1:49 PM Chilling with daddy  [photo removed]

2:23 PM Although I was bit cringy about live tweeting the birth am going to archive them as fab memento of today! 😀

2:39 PM Just reading my labour notes. 1st stage 1hr 40mins. 2nd stage: 10mins and 3rd stage 5mins. Check. Me. Out. #babycurd

4:52 PM The Curds are home! Munchkin back from nursery in an hour to meet her new sister! Yikes! Omble has slept most of day!


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