Ladybird on a Lightstream- visualisations

Just back from working out some visualisations with my CBT therapist.  My meadow one is still the masterplan but I found it harder and harder to focus on staying in that safe space as I had made the background so rich so my attention kept dashing about a bit.  So I found I was often focusing on looking at a ladybird crawling along a blade of grass.  This is a better more focused image for me. I am still in my meadow safe space but I have a specific image to focus on.  For the next few weeks I am going to practice a few times a day using my ladybird trigger if I get anxious or upset to take me to my calm relaxed place. I know it sounds ridiculously airy fairy and I am as cynical as they come when it comes to stuff like this but it really does work!

The next visualisation we did was lightstream.  To imagine whatever was distressing me as a shape (I guess it will be labour pains) which today I did as a big black jaggedy cloud rumbling thunder, and to imagine a light stream coming down and filling my body with this glowing golden shimmery sparkly twinkling awesome light, and the black jaggedy cloud got engulfed and eaten up by it and I felt better. Not sure it will defo work in labour but am definitely willing to give it a go- it also matches some of the hypnobirthing I have been doing so it will be helpful.

So I guess I will mix and match these (and put trigger words and details in my birth plan so the people looking after me can help me) to help me keep calm and focused in labour.

Got a printed pic of my meadow pic in my labour notes and think will do same with the ladybird pic. I even laminated it because I am so so cool like that! (Geek teacher)

Anyone else use any visualisations to help them?



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Likes ladybirds & lemon curd. On reflection combining the two names was a mistake.
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1 Response to Ladybird on a Lightstream- visualisations

  1. TackiestOnes says:

    I sort of do. I imagine getting in the sea or sitting by the sea. The sea features heavily, is what I am saying. But when the shit is going down, I very rarely “go to my happy place”. I just use visualisations for calming myself down enough so I can rest up before the shit goes down.

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