37 weeks- 3 weeks left. *runs round like headless chicken- panicking*

So in the next three weeks I need to:

  • Finish reading This book and actually practice the techniques.
  • Listen to my hypnobirthing CD everyday.
  • Practice my visualisations to help keep calm.
  • Bounce and wiggle on my birth ball
  • Express colostrum three times a day
  • Drink raspberry leaf tea and take the capsules.
  • Finish off my comedy birthing compilation music.
  • Pack my birth bag properly.
  • Actually read the TENS instructions and make H read them too so we remember to try and use it this time.
  • In fact need to share a few bits of book/CD/visualisations with H so he can help me focus on them. Although liklihood is I will be swearing at him again and refusing to listen to him because he got me into this!- Sorry H in advance!
  • Get the rest of the baby stuff down from the loft and get it set up
  • Finish off last bits of work work I need to do so can properly enjoy mat leave. Might not happen- that massive pile of papers by my desk is probably not going to get sorted out -sigh.
  • Enjoy Christmas and my family of three before we become a family of 4!
  • Oh and try and rest!

Whew am tired just reading that!

See wouldn’t bother with any of this if I was having a section. Sigh. Making more work for myself wasn’t part of the plan. Grrrr!

Ah well- looking forward to our first cuddle Womble- however you end up getting here!




About LadyCurd

Likes ladybirds & lemon curd. On reflection combining the two names was a mistake.
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2 Responses to 37 weeks- 3 weeks left. *runs round like headless chicken- panicking*

  1. TackiestOnes says:

    Everything is under control! Wooo!

  2. helen says:

    we got to play with a tens machine at uni once, on a class on pain. I couldn’t get the settings right for me, but my friend Fiona hit gold very quickly and was able to stand with her hand in a bucket of ice water, quite the thing, said with the machine switched on it felt almost warm! Perhaps that’s how to test it in the house?

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