Munchkin as a newborn.

Here are some of the photos from when Munchkin was first born. Just been reminiscing about that time and wondering what Womble’s newborn photos will look like, I really hope they don’t involve tubes or intensive care and I get to cuddle within minutes of her birth.  Although these photos make me sad to look at sometimes when I look at other photos of her (see end of set) I can see how far we have come.  

First Photo. 6hours old

My poorly big baby

Baby so big all the NICU stuff tight on her giant head!

Day 2 CPAP off at least

First proper cuddle. She is over 24hours old at this point 😦

First getting dressed 3days old- babygro bit snug!

First awake photo we manage to get! 5days old.

Giant baby has gone very very scrawny- 14% weightloss

5 weeks old and laughing (wind?) at a book? The kids got nowt wrong with her!

The genius baby is formulating an escape plan. Busted!


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