Things to bear in mind til D Day (decision day)

a) Someone very sensible told me this morning “full of admiration that a VB is even crossing your mind”.  Yeah you know what- even just thinking about it is BRAVE. Fact I am even having another child after last time is a fairly huge deal (although munchkin needs a sibling else she will become a brat!).  So mustn’t let myself feel like am wimping out/or copping out if I choose ELCS because actually just getting me here has been massive so there. (but if I do VB you are all gonna give me a bravery medal right!? 😉

b) Remember how Womble gets into world is actually a tiny insignificant thing in grand scheme of things. I know I am making a big deal of making this decision but that’s where my head is at. And someone else wise told me this morning that a decision won’t be regretted even if it turns out to be the wrong one if it was an informed decision.  So my priority right now is information/planning etc.

c) BOTH OPTIONS ARE EQUALLY VALID IN MY CASE.  I seem to be tying myself in knots about better options – both have huge pro’s and cons for me (still no fairy tickling out option- I reckon the feckers went on strike yesterday). So whichever I choose it will be the right decision for me, because I chose it and made an informed choice about it. So there.


About LadyCurd

Likes ladybirds & lemon curd. On reflection combining the two names was a mistake.
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