Baby Big Head

Today I am mostly thinking about big heads.

H and I don’t exactly have peanut heads and Munchkin’s head was a whopper (and at nearly two she still has a bigger head than her now 4year old cousin!)  and looks like Womble’s head is on the big side too.

Sigh. I only grow big headed babies.

So Munchkin’s head circumference was 37.9cm at birth (40wks+2days) which is a bit above the 99.6centile- ie. IT WAS MASSIVE, and it was the only bit of her that was bigger by the 6week check! (her height was initially measured at 63cm but at 6wk check was 55.5cm so assumption was measurement was wrong and she had lost 14% of birthweight but at 6weeks check had almost regained her birthweight).

But I’ve been thinking about that big ol’ head of my daughters (jam packed with brains like her dad obviously ;)).  I did bloody good to get her as far out as I did. She was 9.5lbs as well and she was so so so so close to being out- her head was almost out but it was that final last push that I couldn’t quite manage (for fairy nuff reasons I can see now!).

So this brings me onto Womble’s big ol’ head. Already measuring at 329mm at 34 weeks pregnant which means she is on the 90th centile for head size.  If she continues growing at this rate she will have a head circumference of between 35cm-40cm at 40weeks according to growth charts. So um yeah potentially another massive head. GREAT!  Now the growth scan yesterday couldn’t really confirm a predicted weight for Womble but I have been thinking- although she feels big (feet in ribs already- sigh) I do believe that Munchkin’s birthweight was somehow artificially inflated due to her pneumonia or drips or just how generally poorly she was. She was just a giant puffy baby and fact she lost 14% bodyweight so quickly makes me think she had some kind of oedema going on.  So this then maybe makes me think that although second babies are often bigger than first babies- maybe this time that won’t happen as first time wasn’t quite right.

So maybe me and my fanjo can manage a big head this time?  I mean I totally almost got there last time and this time everything is primed so should be like shelling peas!? Um but the flip side of this is what if it isn’t? What if I have to have another assisted delivery because of another big headed baby. How will I cope with that? What if Womble’s big head causes me more damage than I sustained last time? (Last time I was very lucky and am fine but there still are a few minor niggles- what if those niggles are exacerbated and then I have to deal with permanent damage to myself/ and or the baby.

Can I take the risk? At the minute dunno. But writing this stuff down is definitely helping clarify my thoughts on things.



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