Worrying about what might never happen.

One of my chapters in my nanowrimo is going to be about the “worrying is futile” aspect of life. We spend so long worrying about what might never happen that it stops our enjoyment of what is happening.

This was brought home to me last night. We dropped Munchkin off at her grandparents and drove onto our minibreak destination. I always think before I go on a motorway what would happen if we crashed and died. I can’t help it have always done it. Then I started overthinking it to be sad about munchkin being left an orphan and womble never making it to the world and wondering who would come to our funerals. Horribly depressing thoughts. Plus H and I haven’t sorted our wills yet so that also was something we actually talked about in car on way down. We want our wishes for the girls legal guardians to be written in etc.

Anyhow 20-30 minutes after we drove through that exact stretch of motorway this happened. Utterly horrific for all the loved ones lost last night and my heart goes out to them. 😦

Our family were really worried as we have next to no mobile signal and no idea about the accident but thanks to seeing it on twitter we were able to get in contact and reassure.

But this tragedy was a timely reminder to stop wasting energy and emotional reserves on what hasn’t happened. Despite thinking it might happen to me it didn’t. Thats the thing, the bad stuff that you don’t think about is what happens (like the miscarriage and ectopic) the bad stuff you do think about virtually never happens. Plus only option is you have to deal with it if it does happen, pointless worrying before.

Am also going to try and apply this to Womble worries. Last 10weeks i find are most stressful having invested so much but still can’t shake feeling I might not get to meet her but am going to try hard not to think these things, but deal with whatever happens when it happens.

We could have been caught up in last nights horrific accident but we weren’t, something might happen to Womble (or muchkin or H) but at the minute she is fine and merrily kicking away (as are H and munchkin 😉 so today is a day for counting blessings and not thinking about or worrying about the what ifs.


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