CBT appointment 7- I’m cured! :)

Ok not quite but this was the first appointment I didn’t cry in.  We actually more nattered about To Do lists and self care stuff than anything else. There was nothing on the childbirth PTSD to report as like said I haven’t been triggered in last three weeks.

My therapist is awesome although I don’t feel I need him at the minute I am aware that once I have the growth scan at 34 weeks (in 6weeks time) and from then have to properly start thinking about how Womble is getting into the world- (whether it is via the elective section I have agreed from the hospital, or whether we do a trial of labour (but with low intervention for a C-section)) then I think I might need some more sessions then to support me with that decision.  I also would like some post natal sessions- one to debrief however the second birth is and also to help guard against the PND I am worried about developing.

So current masterplan is a checking in appointment in 2 weeks. Then if all okay- leave the appointments until after the 34 week growth scan and consultant appointment and we will take it from there.

I am so pleased that my treatment is able to be flexible and on my terms like this.  That I haven’t just had to have a requisite 4 or 6 sessions and then that’s it.  I am seriously impressed a) with new hospital for agreeing to ELCS from 9weeks (and would have been earlier had I not been away to make the appointment) and B) for referring me to the other hospital for the CBT.   c) for looking after me so well- that’s my GP, My midwife everyone.

I BLOODY LOVE THE NHS (well this time around- I am aware that part of what went wrong was due to failings in my NHS care last time (but also had some phenomenal care too) but that doesn’t mean the NHS shouldn’t still be loved- should just be properly funded and supported so all women can get the same level of care and support like I am this time around. 🙂



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  1. wait... what? says:

    womble? seriously?

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