Trepidation about starting trauma reprocessing and my comfort blanket.

So on Thursday we start working on the traumatic memories using EMDR.  I am really really scared. I know this is daft- I know it will be done in a safe place and I am not actually experiencing what I experienced, but even the thought of having to think about it and all the painful thoughts and memories associated with it really upsets me. I think I have got quite good at “changing the subject of my brain” and so the thought of actively reliving the experience it is really really scary.

This is going to sound really daft but I needed something additional to support me, so was thinking what was one thing that always makes me feel safe and secure and feel better. And um it’s my comfort blanket! I am 30years old and I still have my baby blanket from when I was a baby. As a child I don’t think I particularly used it as a comforter that much but since I left home, just now and again (say once a year or so) when feeling really low- snuggling up in bed cuddling my little blanket for a good old cry always makes me feel better. So um I think I might actually need to take this with me on Thursday. Just for additional security as well as my Meadow safe place imagery.  My comfort blanket is actually the most hideous pale pink (I don’t do pink) fluffy furry (I don’t do fluffy furry) 1980’s square of grossness and I love it! When asked whether I would use it for my own kids the answer was emphatically no! Munchkin and Womble can have their own lovely blankets.  My baby blanket is MINE. This probably makes me sound like a bit of a loser. Ah well.

So what do you use for comfort in times of need?


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