Explanation of the Meadow post.

This week I am really working on my safe space visualisation for the EMDR.  Was amazing in the half hour we were working on it it already started to work when I thought of something uncomfortable but then used my trigger word- Meadow- I got all the relaxed calm feelings I am associating with my visualisation and the anxiety about the situation I was thinking about dissipated. I felt like writing my visualisation down and finding a picture that would help trigger it for me- and thought sod it might as well share it.

It does sound a bit like that classic “I’m going to my happy place” whilst hysterically rocking back and forth, but heck its working so what do I care.

What would your visualisation be?


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Likes ladybirds & lemon curd. On reflection combining the two names was a mistake.
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5 Responses to Explanation of the Meadow post.

  1. Interesting, I’m vaguely familiar with the technique but never tried it myself.

    My happy place would definitely involve a deserted beach cove by a beautiful blue-green ocean. Growing up nearthe sea (although admittedly not quite as picturesque as the one I’m picturing) I miss it and it’s ingrained in my psyche as a happy place. xx

  2. msissa says:

    You know what? I’ve just realised that I now do this instinctively to cope with my massive anxiety when I have to talk to big groups (I occasionally have to give lectures, and do training to big groups of teachers or parents).
    I used to just do blind-panic-rabbit-in-headlights-talk-mega-fast-in-a-high-pitched-wobbly-voice, but since SuperBoy came along, I’ve used him as a strategy…I repeat his name to myself, and imagine every inch of his giggly gorgeousness, and say “SB is a much bigger deal than you lot”. It really works! I got roped into talking to a couple of hundred people whilst on mat leave and I was RIDICULOUSLY calm! So, my boy is my visualisation 🙂

  3. helen says:

    for me it would be something to do with skiing….being on a blazingly bright mountainside, with my dad just down hill, with blue skies and white snow and icy cold air but hot sun. I can even tell you what would be on my headphones as I pushed off. Yeah, that’s a nice thought.

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