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CBT appointment 5: When ‘thinking about the thinking about’ is actually more traumatic than the thinking about it.

So I  am back from appointment 5 and I have to say I am slightly in shock. In a good way. As you know from previous blog posts over last week or so I have been stressing about this appointment … Continue reading

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Protected: When an avoidance strategy is no strategy at all.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Trepidation about starting trauma reprocessing and my comfort blanket.

So on Thursday we start working on the traumatic memories using EMDR.  I am really really scared. I know this is daft- I know it will be done in a safe place and I am not actually experiencing what I … Continue reading

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So what does the perfect mother actually look like?

I’ll hold my hands up. I have one of those really annoying perfectionist control freak alpha female type personalities, but I will happily admit to being a slattern and a bit of a crap wife and mother sometimes (and suppress the guilt … Continue reading

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Challenging negative beliefs

A few years ago I did an inspirational training once that got us to encourage ourselves to challenge negative beliefs.  From that training I also adapted it into a lesson to do with young people about their own negative beliefs … Continue reading

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Labia wards and birthing sheds- a patients perspective.

So there was a big kerfuffle on twitter about doctors using terms labia wards and birthing sheds and cabbage patch in such a public fora such as twitter. I wanted to muse more about this here.  Although I did miss most … Continue reading

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CBT appointment 4

This was a very short appointment, as we aren’t starting the EMDR trauma work until two weeks as I can’t make next weeks appointment and didn’t want to have a two week gap between appointments after starting trauma work as … Continue reading

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EMDR- Eternal Mumshine of the Dotless Rind

That isn’t what EMDR stands for at all. But I think it sounds better what it actually means. And it is all a bit eternal sunshine of the spotless mind- but in my case I’m a mum who often tries … Continue reading

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Explanation of the Meadow post.

This week I am really working on my safe space visualisation for the EMDR.  Was amazing in the half hour we were working on it it already started to work when I thought of something uncomfortable but then used my … Continue reading

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It is a warm summer’s evening, the sun is shining but slowly starting to set. The light is beautiful.  I lying on the slopes of a meadow on a soft red blanket.  I can hear wood pigeons making their distinctive … Continue reading

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