Who do you tell?

Me I can’t keep a secret.  I also have a tendency to blather. Often means you will know far too much about me within the first 5minutes of meeting me.  Sorry.

Mostly this works well as a strategy as I figure if you can’t cope with me in first 5mins- saves a whole heap of bother getting to know each other and discovering we have nowt in common. 😀

Thing is lately my strategy hasn’t been working well as I thought- especially if things come out in relation to munchkins birth and the PTSD. And unfortunately being pregnant again talk often turns to birthing options etc.

Recently I have been feeling uncomfortable or vulnerable telling certain people about my experience (but heck I will blog to a whole heap of strangers about it!).  I have felt judged or that people didn’t empathise or understand. Which is fair enough I am not saying you all have to pat me on the head and say “poor poppet”. But am just thinking in terms of processing all this and getting better from it maybe I need to work on identifying safe people to talk to about it or even just shutting the fuck up about it a lot more unless it is with my safe trusted inner circle.

So yeah- this month I am mostly going to be working on not telling H’s work colleagues, or my mates wife, or my neighbour due to give birth same day as me, or any new people in my life and just focus on talking to H or this blog as my outlet.


About LadyCurd

Likes ladybirds & lemon curd. On reflection combining the two names was a mistake.
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