CBT appointment 1- Giving myself a hug

Had first CBT appointment today. It was really good – my therapist is a really nice bloke who reminds me a bit of Captain Mainwaring from Dad’s army!  We may do typical CBT for PTSD (reliving stuff and processing it) or we may do something called EMDR  which is all brainy and cool – but either or- I feel positive about both and am sure he can help me rewire my daft brain out of this.

Today’s session just mainly chatted about my experience – what triggered flashbacks etc etc.  but he did ask this question?  What would you say to someone else telling you their experience?

And I said “I’d give them a great big hug

And I would. If it wasn’t me but someone I knew telling me their story/my story. Then I would give them and great big hug and tell them it wasn’t their fault and I would love and support them as much as possible. I would also want them to believe me when I told them it wasn’t their fault and they had nothing to feel guilty or a failure for.

Erm. Bingo!?  I don’t do to myself EXACTLY what I would do to my hypothetical friend in same situation. Eh?! Tsk me.

So this week I am mostly going to be focusing on giving myself a hug.

(P.S. There was some other stuff on perfectionism, notions of motherhood and whatnot that we chatted about but shall save for another post as quite frankly hugging yourself makes it near impossible to type. )


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3 Responses to CBT appointment 1- Giving myself a hug

  1. Msissa says:

    Oh, so glad there are positive tones already 🙂 it’s ridiculous the way we’re wired, so that you can beat yourself up about something you’d be busy supporting a friend through.
    Continued g’luckness x

  2. KatieB says:

    Self love is missing in a lot of our lives, tis very true that we need to take a step back sometimes and think about what we’d say to someone else in our situation and then listen to it! Altho am the worlds worst at that so know how difficult it is. Sounds like some really positive progress though, great stuff :0)

  3. helen says:

    One of the genuine Learning Objectives of one of our courses in first year medicine was ‘to appreciate the value of self care’. I get laughed at a lot by my peers for banging on about it but (perhaps because for the last two years I’ve been making things extra hard for myself with all the travelling) i have found it a really important mantra to hang on to. To say ‘i deserve this’ or recognise that I *have*/*am* worked really hard etc. I’m not good at it, but I continue to strive to be better at it, as in everything else I’m learning.

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