Taking a brain break

Recently a lovely twitter friend pointed out (not quoted verbatim- is my interpretation) “how a baby gets into the world is such a tiny part of their life- and that’s an awful lot of energy to expend on the decision when you should be enjoying your pregnancy”

She’s right- I have been getting a leetly (okay a lot) obsessed with my VB/ELCS decision and haven’t really focused on enjoying me and bump, and my last few months with just me and munchkin.   At the minute we are in a hiatus- I am on high priority waiting list for PTSD CBT but no appointment through yet plus the decision doesn’t need to be made until the last minute anyhow but from 34weeks I will have a clearer idea after my growth scan as if bump is a porker like munchkin then ELCS all the way!

So I think I am going to take a mini break from all of this and just get on with enjoying it- and will come back to it maybe when I start my CBT.

So my brain break also includes a break from blogging probably (although annoyingly I had three posts written in my head last night and now I can’t for the life of me remember what the third was, so if I remember I may sneak back on and write it!)

Bye for now


About LadyCurd

Likes ladybirds & lemon curd. On reflection combining the two names was a mistake.
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