Counting my blessings and looking on the bright side of life.

Often people go to me – ooh you’ve had such a lot to deal with in last two years and it must have been so hard etc etc.  And yes I must say it hasn’t been fun but I really do count my blessings.

My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage at 10weeks but was lucky enough to fall pregnant immediately after with munchkin. I didn’t have the months of anxiety about even just getting pregnant again which some women do (although obviously the first weeks of pregnancy with munchkin were a bit angst filled and included a trip to A&E with suspected ectopic!)

Although Munchkin was diagnosed with grade 1 HIE (Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy)- in most cases including hers this means a normal prognosis.  She could have been oxygen starved for longer and ended up with grade 2 (celebral palsy, epilsepsy, learning difficulties etc) or grade 3 (catatonic or dead – those are the exact words Munchkin’s consultant used when explaining the difference).  Her consultant did also say that some studies showed HIE grade 1’s sometimes end up a few IQ points lower, but that has always caused me to crack the joke- well her dad’s a geek genius so if she got his brain it’ll just make her academically normal! 😉

Also Munchkin is fine- foetal development, pregnancy, birth etc is such an unknown- she could have had any number of conditions (eg. problems with her heart or whatever) that we would then have also had to deal with- she didn’t.  We are very lucky in that regard.

The very first month of trying for #2 I fell pregnant (Ok it was a bit of a shock and not entirely planned really but it meant I am fertile).  Although that pregnancy ended as an ecoptic pregnancy where I lost my tube I was incredibly lucky that the very first cycle of trying again after waiting the requisite 3 healing months I fell pregnant again, with only one tube- first time!  Family have made cracks about the H’s supersperm as his side of the family tend to be breeders! 🙂 but in reality I think we are both blessed with being fertile and yes we have lost two babies but we have one awesome one and touch wood another who is going to make it safely into the world somehow in January.

The last two years have also taught me who my real friends are, how well I can cope in a crisis (albeit go a bit wobbly afterwards!) and how strong a relationship me and H have.  He truly is my rock my soulmate and any other really annoying cliche you would like to put in here.

I have my 20week scan next week- here’s hoping that will be another blessing with all okay. But if not we can cope with whatever is thrown at us- the last two years have definitely taught me that.



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