CBT and PTSD- the assessment appointment.

So I had my assessment for CBT yesterday.  It was interesting.  PTSD has now been diagnosed as I fit the criteria.  I found this helpful- its a term me, midwives and my GP started using since I became pregnant again and it fits and so I am happy with it as a diagnosis.

What was less good is that treatment for childbirth PTSD is contraindicated in pregnant women as obviously it can make you worse before you get better.  They said it might take 16-20 sessions (and I have 22weeks til I give birth and I am not even on the waiting list yet!) and would involve going through the traumatic experience although I could press pause at any time as I would be in a safe environment.    Issue would be if it makes it worse before I go into my next birth psychologically it could be more damaging.

They have offered me an alternative- a lighter form of counselling to manage my anxiety etc leading up to the birth and then CBT when I feel ready after the birth but knowing what life with a newborn is like plus having a toddler to deal with as well- I can’t see when this PTSD CBT could happen.  I am tempted to bring out the big guns on this one and attack it head on now as I am fed up with being triggered by stupid things especially more so now I am pregnant but then I don’t want to make it worse for myself as really I need to be preparing for the next birth (be it ELCS or VB) in a calm and constructive way.  Hmmm.


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